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Medico legal

Mr Simmons’ medicolegal practice provides a dedicated, professional service to the legal profession.

He prepares high-quality reports and provides an extremely reliable, personal and efficient service.

His reports are prepared efficiently following consultations at his consulting rooms.

He has rooms at :-

Harley Street, London,

Rodney Street, Liverpool,

St John’s Street, Manchester

Harborne Road, Birmingham as well as  Newcastle-under-Lyme ( Stoke). 

Reports are generally prepared within two – three weeks of receiving medical records.

He specialises in general trauma, complex lower limb injuries ( hip,knee, foot and ankle ) and spinal injuries including whiplash.

Fees vary with complexity of the case and available on request. He also makes himself available for court.

He is instructed for claimant and defence for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.

My Clinical Negligence practice consists of General Trauma of the Upper and Lower limb and Lower Limb Disorders mainly Knee disorders.

A copy of my CV will be sent on request.

I am a registered  Expert, with The association of Personal Injury Lawyers, an Accredited Cardiff Law School Expert Witness and an Accredited MedCo RTA Soft Tissue Injury Expert Witness.

If you require a report, please send your letter of instruction to :

Simmons Orthopaedics Ltd

PO Box 246



Sec :    Helen Martin

Tel :     0845 388 7769    ( See charges below )

email : simmonsortho@gmail.com


( Charges – 5p connection charge + 5p for first 60 seconds then 5 per minute thereafter. This charge is added to your normal contracted telephone surplier charges.)

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